How to Install Lightroom Mobile Presets

Step 1: Install Apps

In order to install Lightroom Mobile Presets you download you'll need the Lightroom App and iZip (if you're using an iPhone). Download both and open once before beginning this process.

Step 2: Get Yourself some presets

In order to install Lightroom Mobile Presets, we've gotta have some. Don't worry I'm totally here for you on this one, put in your name and email below and I'll send you three free presets, instantly.

Step 3: Open Email and save .zip folder

When you get the email from me there will be a zip folder attached. Save this folder to your phone. If you're using an iPhone you should save it to the iZip folder when saving. See below:

Next, open iZip app, tap on the new folder you saved, tap ok to unzip, tap new folder, tap "save me" folder", tap on first image, tap "open in", select Lightroom app.

Important: You have to wait 15secs between opening images in Lightroom unless youy have the paid version of iZip (have patience young padawan). You also have to do them one at a time and NOT MULTIPLE PHOTS AT ONCE.

Step 4: Create Preset from photo settings

Now that you've adding the images to Lightroom we'll want to create a preset from the settings. To do this tap on one of the photos we imported, In the top right corner tap the "•••" icon, then tap "Create Preset". You will be asked to name the preset (feel free to get creative), select a group (user presets is great), and then there will be a list of check boxes that you shouldn't need to change.

Step 4: Create something incredible

Now it's time to capture some images and test out your new presets! Keep in mind that every photo you edit will still need to be tweaked. The presets may initially make the image look horrible, but it's up to you to start tweaking settings like exposure, contrast, highlights, shadows, whites, blacks, color temp, and effects like clarity. Your picture will always have different settings because it was taken at a different time of day, with a different device, at a different angle. I encourage you to play around with all the settings before discarding the edit. You'll start to learn and develop a style you go back to over and over.

Now go create something incredible and tag me in the end result @breepear!

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