Dear Beck

Beck Gay, You found me when I needed you, needed proof, needed someone more than ever to be the friend that understood me…and I know that if anyone were to ask you’d say it was the other way around. That I was there for your 8hr drive to talk you through it and to help you understand loss and how someone could make the decision that Lacie did. To be a FaceTime friend that you could always call.

But Beck…

I needed you just as much as you felt like you needed me. You found me when my friend group had dwindled down to only a few that “sorta” got me. You found me when I was lonely and in need of humans to show me why the words Only Human were so important to share. You encouraged me, you loved me, and you saw past the cold front I put up to keep people at arm’s length. You’ve been there for me in times when I knew I could be doing better, but wasn’t, and you never judged me for it. You loved all the pieces of me even when I didn’t know how to love them myself.

You say that Nana taught you how to love people and that one day you hope to be half the woman she is, but Beck, you embody a love that has literally been passed through generations. You are Nana to me. You teach me how to love bigger and deeper each and every day. You’ve taught me about being silly and letting go for the sake of a good story. You’ve shown me grace in moments when I didn’t deserve it and gone above and beyond on all levels of being a friend.

Happy Birthday Beck, this world would be less without you in it ❤️ I would be less without you.

Words will never be enough to tell you how grateful I am for you.