I think about the day I won’t be able to play basketball anymore. The day when my knees refuse to meet that unforgiving wood floor, when my shoulder decides a three pointer isn’t possible and my wrist can’t follow through with one more shot.⁣

Then I think about how I fell in love with basketball before I knew what being an athlete meant. How basketball would turn into that kinda love that would last until that day when my body would tell me it was time.⁣

Since the day my Dad sealed that first hoop into our driveway it’s defined a piece of who I am. Each time I lift a weight, each unwilling mile I run, every time I’ve fallen, gotten hit in the head with a ball or nailed in the nose with an elbow, it’s helped to shape the person I am and who I work to be.⁣

Because when I think about the day I won’t be able to do that thing I love anymore it makes me so very aware of the false excuses I tell myself that stop me from showing up.⁣

Find that thing you love and let it kill you. Show up for yourself and recognize that as long as your body is healthy you are capable of much more than you know. The thing stopping you is you.