So you're going to make me talk about myself?


People have called me a lot of things over the years, but none of them stuck. The first time I was called a weirdo it hurt, but now I embrace it like a new pair of sneakers on the first day of class. Speaking of class...I never understood how at the age of 18 we were supposed to choose the thing we wanted to do for the rest of our lives. So I didn't. I've been educated by the school of life. I've done all I can to experiment with different passions in order to find my calling in life. I learned a lot about people when I worked for Apple. I'll never forget the Steps of Service or how to truly align with a human who's in distress (even if it is over e-mail).

I understood the depth of working in a mostly-male field as a Home Theater Installer for Best Buy. That time in my life not only taught me how to cut a damn good hole in drywall, but also how to wire an entire AV system, program devices, and even how to rearrange that stack of equipment next to your TV that you're scared to touch for fear Netflix might break. Take that, boys.

I spent years as an IT Consultant working with brands like Subway, Shell, and many other Phoenix-based companies to maintain (and grow) their technology infrastructure. I learned how networks and systems work from inside huge organizations that had to maintain daily activities while also upgrading and improving in order to grow.

When I truly understood technology from concept to reality, the next problem I felt drawn to solve was how we communicate as individuals AND businesses with the outside world. I can make your phone work all day, but now I want to inspire you to want to pick it up and read more about something, take action, or create something incredible. So naturally, I moved into marketing and tapped into my artistic abilities in order to inspire action. I spent time as a Project Manager at MM Brand Agency and Marketing Manager with Top Class Actions.

With a newfound passion to ignite, I started my first company, Only Human, which I run on a daily alongside some amazing partners who help support the cause. We've built a platform and a community with the help of incredible humans all across the world. We work together to make sure that our future isn't just's lit. You should really check it out.

So whatever category you feel you need to put me in. Whatever title you feel you need to scratch down next to my name is just fine with me. I'll be over here dreaming up ways we can solve bigger issues in the world.

Wanna join me?